About this blog…

No, this isn’t a blog about my fourth grade crush. This is a blog devoted to something else I’m passionate about – fashion and style – and of course shopping! Over the years I’ve spent countless hours scouring fashion magazines and the Web for style ideas and the latest trends. While my own personal style tends to remain fairly classic, I love keeping up on what’s hot at the moment. Throughout it all, I’m particularly keen on finding items and pieces that offer a great value. I love fashion but it has to fit within my budget, and since I’m no Ivanka Trump that means seeking out deals and carefully editing my purchases. This blog is meant to be a forum for anyone with similar interests. Each week I’ll write about news and trends, as well as the deals and bargains to be had out there – because let’s face it, everyone loves a deal. Please be sure to chime in with your own thoughts and ideas. This space is all about fun conversation around a topic we all can love. So with that said, let the fashion and style conversation begin!

2 thoughts on “About this blog…

  1. Anne says:

    Looks fun Meg! Can’t wait to read more entries.

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m actually trying to remember who your 4th grade crush was! Ha! Congrats on the blog, what great tips!

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