A Leg Up

So, the skinny trend in jeans is still in and I have yet to jump on the bandwagon.  When it first started, the whole trend just turned me off completely. Maybe because I was pregnant at the time and the thought of wearing anything “skinny” was just not in my realm of reality. And pregnant or not, the idea of tight, skinny jeans just seems like it would be super constricting and uncomfortable. Now, I know jean technology (if I can call it that) has come a long way and the jeans we wear today are not your grandfather’s overalls. With the use of more materials that provide stretch and give, jeans today can be soft and quite flexible. But regardless, I still haven’t been able to bring myself to partake in this trend. If you know of a skinny pair of jeans that I should try out, by all means, let me know because I’m willing to at least try them on. However, in the meantime I’ve settled on a compromise so I can in some way take part in the skinny phenomenon. With the recent purchase of a couple of pairs of leggings I’m now strutting my stuff, er, I mean, my skinny.  This clothing item has been in and out over the years but along with skinny jeans, leggings seem to be “in” right now as well. And as a new mom, I’m all about cultivating a cute and on trend wardrobe that is still comfortable and doesn’t require dry cleaning. So a few weeks ago I found a great deal on leggings online at Old Navy. For just $14.50, I purchased a package of two pairs of leggings, one black and one charcoal gray. So far I’ve worn both pairs a few times and I love them. With long knit shirts or oversize cardigans they look great and are super comfortable – especially when I’m crawling around on the floor playing with my 7-month-old son. They are full-length, fitting to my ankle and the quality of the fabric seems to be pretty decent. To check them out for yourself, visit the Old Navy web site

So go on, and get your skinny on!

6 thoughts on “A Leg Up

  1. MzKrz says:

    Great post! I have not yet “gone skinny.” Might need to try some on in the privacy of a dressing room, or my own bedroom. I like the idea of the leggings as an alternative. Especially because even with normal jeans, I love how they fit and then an hour later they are stretched out and falling down. Plus, crawling around on the floor is high priority! Looking forward to your next post. I’ll let you know if I try the leggings! ~kris

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’ve tried them both and there is really nothing skinny about me. I like the skinny jean when you’re wearing tall boots, and the leggings are perfect for every day mom wear. Although now that I try to hit the gym first thing in the morning I end up in work out gear all day long unless I get a chance to shower/change. Let me know how the Old Navy leggings hold up after a wash or two! I may have to stock up! Best, Rebecca

  3. Kelly says:

    What are your thoughts on “jeggings?”

    • Hmm….jeggings…well, I’ll be honest and say that I’m not in love with them. Although I haven’t actually seen them in person on that many people and I’ve never tried them on, so maybe I would warm up to them? Hmm…I don’t know, that’s just my two cents on the topic. 😉

  4. Charity Noeker says:

    In the spirit of full disclosure, not only did I find skinny jeans to be ridiculous, but I took every opportunity I got to mock them… So I decided to dig in my anti-skinny jeans heels and wait out the trend. Easier said than done, because apparently, they are never going to go away. Wanting to know what all the fuss was about, I finally gave in, and bought a pair. While they’ll never be a go-to staple for me, I must admit it is nice not having to spend 5 minutes trying to cram regular pants into my knee-high boots…An exercise that always left me red-cheeked, and sporting some wierd cankle issues. So yes, in Megs words I have jumped on that bandwagon, and couldn’t be happier. 🙂

  5. anne says:

    Any thoughts on the pajama jean?;) JK!!

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