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Sarah Richardson on HGTV's "Sarah's House"

Ever since I became a homeowner a few years ago, HGTV has become one of my favorite channels to watch. Whether it’s a show about hunting for vacation homes in the Caribbean (a girl can dream!), sprucing up a home that needs to be sold, or re-designing an existing space to better match the owner’s style and needs, I love the programming because I get so many ideas for my own home. But recently I stumbled upon a show that I love not only for the home design but also for the host’s own fashionable wardrobe. Sarah’s House on HGTV is hosted by Sarah Richardson, a Canadian designer and owner of the Sarah Richardson Design firm who has carved a niche for herself in the popular arena of design TV programming. She has been wildly successful in Canada and her HGTV shows are now airing in the U.S. Her show, Sarah’s House, follows her through the design process as she purchases an existing home and then updates it with remodeling and new decor. I love her sense of style and the results of the homes I’ve seen her complete so far are fabulous. But in addition to the homes, the show is fun to watch because her fashionable wardrobe is just so darn cute! She always looks so hip and put together, even when stomping around through sawdust and plaster. Trendy fitted blazers and stylish jeans seem to be a favorite of hers, but she also sports super cute printed tops and funky jewelry as well. And for the expectant mommas out there who need inspiration, in some of her episodes Sarah is pregnant and even her maternity clothes are sharp and on trend. All in all, the shows are just plain fun to watch if you’re into home design, and the cute wardrobe is the cherry on top. Sarah’s House airs on HGTV at 8:30 p.m. (ET) on Saturdays. Enjoy!

One thought on “Designer Style

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I totally agree Meg! I’ve seen the show and thought the exact same thing – I watch for the design AND to see what she’s wearing. Thanks for giving that little show more press; it’s a cute show!

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