What I'm Eyeing this Week…

So, it’s official. Today is November 1st and the winter weather is on the way. My local forecast here in lovely southeast Michigan is calling for temps in the 40’s and low-50’s this week. Sigh. I know come the middle of February I’ll be thinking that a day in the 40’s would be heavenly, but right now daytime temps below 50 just seem downright chilly! I’m even thinking about breaking out my mittens (I know, I know, and I call myself a Michigander – I just hate the cold…) In any case, I saw something in the J. Crew catalog last week that I’m now yearning for as the temps drop (yes, I read the hard copy if you can believe that – as much fun as the Internet is, it’s still fun to get some things in the good ole’ snail mail).  It’s the brand’s Long Meribel puffer coat and I’m loving it because of the colors it’s offered in and the fact that it has a belt at the waist. What a novel idea! I’m a fairly petite person and I hate putting on a coat and getting lost in it. In most warm and puffy winter coats I just end up looking like a puffalump, or a weeble-wobble. But with the belt on this, I think I could still look like I have a shape. And I love the rich plum color this is made in as well. It also comes in a cobblestone which is nice, as well as a dark charcoal and navy. But I’m really liking the plum. Hmm…..sadly, at $248 I don’t think the puffer is in my budget right now, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out in case it goes on sale at some point. In the meantime, I’ll just start digging out the winter gear I do have and begin bracing myself for the cold. Brrrr…….Happy November all!

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