What I'm Eyeing this Week…

So, I had an errand to do at the mall last Friday and while I was there I thought I would stop in a few more places to gather some Christmas gift ideas for the people on my list. On my visit into Ann Taylor I came across a fantastic little jacket that I can’t stop thinking about now. I’ve had my eye out for a classic Chanel-type boucle jacket (although with a much cheaper price tag!) but then I saw this jacket in Ann Taylor and I’m loving it even more! It caught my eye as soon as I walked in the store and I had to check it out a couple more times before I left and went on my merry way. Simple but chic, it’s like a cropped boucle jacket with a motorcycle edge. I love the gold zipper that runs diagonally up the jacket that gives it that biker feel, but then the 3/4 sleeves and slight puff in the shoulder balance things out with a real dose of femininity. I could see wearing this jacket with jeans and killer high heels, or with a pencil skirt and tall boots. Of course, in all honesty, seeing as how I’m a stay-at-home mom these days my opportunities to rock this piece would be few and far between. And at a price tag of $198, I just can’t make the investment in something I wouldn’t get to wear all that often. Bah humbug. Ah well, if the rest of the world doesn’t love it as much as I do and it winds up on the sale rack, then it just may have a chance of making it into my closet. We’ll just have to wait and see…… 😉

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