Holiday Gift Idea #2 – For the Workout Warrior

Do you have someone in your life who is active and loves to workout? Is this person on your Christmas list? If so, I’ve got some gift ideas for you. I love to workout myself, but regardless of the activity, when I get dressed to go I don’t want to look like I just rolled out of bed and showed up in my pajamas. When it comes to a workout wardrobe, I like having at least a few items that I really like that fit well and help to motivate me to keep working hard.  Since I’m on a budget, I also like pieces that can do double duty – pieces that function well for working out but that are also comfortable and stylish while doing other casual activities like errands, playgroup and chores around the house. With this thought in mind, I’ve searched out a few great items that I think any fashionable gal on your Christmas list would love to wear for working out or for other activities where functionality and comfort are priorities. There’s nothing like great workout wear to motivate a girl to be active, and what better time of year (as we’re dining on holiday goodies and treats) for a little motivation like that?  To check out these items, read on.

Zella jacket – $58 (Nordstrom) – I tried this jacket on in the store and loved it! I especially like it in Argyle Blue – which really looks more like a light purple. I could see wearing this to and from a workout, as well as just out and about running errands on a weekend. Several details on this jacket make it unique from your run-of-the-mill warm up piece (the extra long hip length of the jacket, the tall collar, and the drawstring at the waist which ties in the back). 

Cleopatra Hoodie – $59 (Merrell) – This comes in four colors but I really like it in Plum. I also really like the length of this hoodie and the v-neckline.

Girlie Hoodie – $78 (Lucy) – This only comes in grey, but it’s a color that should easily incorporate into most workout wardrobes and the ruffle detail on the front definitely amps up the look from just a plain grey hoodie.

Punch Pant – $79 (Athleta) – The details on these pants will make them stand out from the rest of your traditional workout bottoms. They come in three colors, but I like them in Asphalt.

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