Holiday Gift Idea #3 – For the Academic Fashionista

A book on fashion and style may be just the perfect gift for the studious fashionista on your Christmas list

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone’s holiday shopping is going well so far. As I was out running errands last week and over the weekend, I could see that the stores and shopping malls are getting busier each day so it looks like the holiday shopping season has kicked into high gear. With only about two and a half weeks to go until Christmas (I can hardly believe it’s that soon) it makes sense. Hopefully your own shopping is well under way, but if you’re still looking for gift ideas, I’ve got number three for you in my holiday gift series. This week, the idea is aimed at the fashionista who loves to study up on style tips and what makes a great wardrobe. If you have someone like that on your Christmas list, then you might want to think about giving that person a book on fashion. There are several manual-type publications out now that provide fun advice and tips on building a wardrobe with classic pieces as well as information on how to then embellish your closet with items that really hone in on your own personal style.  Several years ago I actually received the Lucky Shopping Manual: Building Your Wardrobe Piece by Piece written by Lucky Magazine editors Kim France and Andrea Linnett. I had a great time reading it and the manual is actually still on my bookshelf so I can refer to it from time to time. There are several other newer books out there that are similar to this one so I”ve pulled together a few more suggestions for you that I think most style lovers would appreciate. See below for the list. Just remember, if you’re ordering online make sure to place your order soon so your gift arrives in time for the big day. If you’re not sold on a book but like the general idea of it,  another great option is to simply give a year’s subscription to a great fashion magazine like Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Lucky, etc. Many of these subscriptions can be really inexpensive, as little as a dollar an issue, and they’re great because the recipient can enjoy your gift each month all year long (I know, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving, ha!). I absolutely love receiving my new magazines in the mailbox each month (my husband gets a kick out of me and all my magazine subscriptions). There’s just something exciting about opening up the mailbox and finding a brand new issue – a welcome sight amongst the loads of junkmail we seem to get these days. Anyway, check out the book list below and good luck with your shopping!

InStyle The New Secrets of Style: Your Complete Guide to Dressing Your Best Each Day ($19.77 –’ve checked out this book in stores before and wouldn’t mind owning it myself. Following here is an excerpt from the product description on the Amazon web site:  “The latest edition of InStyle’s top-selling classic, The New Secrets of Style features even more expert guidance for looking fabulous. The editors who have made InStyle today’s leading style publication take the mystery out of fashion with plenty of practical and simple strategies for building your best wardrobe. With The New Secrets of Style, you’ll never again stand in front of a full closet and declare that you have nothing to wear!”

The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style: How to Wear Iconic Looks and Make Them Your Own ($19.80 – Following here is an excerpt from the product description on Amazon: “Based on the techniques used by fashion designers for years, The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style features ten versatile archetypes that can be customized to fit varying moods, personalities, and body types. Applying these enduring styles to a dazzling spectrum of possibilities, The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style deconstructs each look, with components including clothes, shoes, accessories, patterns, and colors. Just as designers use swatches and images to spark creativity, readers will have access to hundreds of photographs from style setters. Must-haves for every closet, foolproof instructions, profiles of real-life Lucky Girls, and money-saving Lucky Breaks make this the indispensable resource for complete chic.”

Style Clinic: How to Look Fabulous All the Time, at Any Age, for Any Occasion ($19.79 – Following here is an excerpt from the product description on Amazon:

“Fashion’s best-kept secrets from London’s leading fashion authority.

Why is it that simply getting dressed in the morning can be a bewildering experience? Last month’s must-haves date you faster than a frizzy perm, and before the credit-card bill is paid, some expert is telling you your latest fashion fantasy is now “so last season.” The more you buy, the less it seems you have to wear.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t, how and when to shop, how best to dress your body shape, and how to work an accessory like a styling pro will propel you on your way to fashion nirvana: the effortlessly chic set. With timeless tips and practical advice, fashion editor Paula Reed proves that you don’t have to have a big budget, a whole new wardrobe, or the latest fad to look great.”

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