Holiday Gift Idea #5 – For Any Fashionista

A little sparkle could be the perfect gift for the fashionista on your list

Only five more shopping days until Christmas! Hopefully your shopping is done and you’re ready for the holiday. But if you’re not done yet and the pressure is on to wrap it up, I’ve got some final fun gift ideas that should please any fashionista on your shopping list. When it comes to this time of year, lots of stores are carrying items that shimmer and sparkle and I love it. In general, my wardrobe doesn’t contain a lot of this but I do love a dash of something that glitters here and there when the opportunity presents itself.  There’s just something so fun about sporting some sequins or shiny threading somewhere in your outfit. It just amps things up a bit, and especially during the winter months a little shine somewhere can definitely be a good thing. With that in mind, I’ve picked out a few fun accessories that could be the perfect icing on your fashionista’s Christmas wish list. For a lot of us, it’s these sorts of things that we see in the store and think would be fun to have, but we just might not pick up for ourselves. So if you’re still shopping and like this idea, take it and run with it (literally) to finish up your shopping in time for the big day.

OPI’s Holiday 2010 Burlesque Collection – There are several colors to choose from in this glittery nail polish collection and any one of them could make a perfect stocking stuffer. A little sparkle on your toes never hurts, right? (See link for retail locations and pricing.)

Sparkle Hoop Earrings (Ann Taylor – $40) – I love these hoop earrings! They’re a great way to add a dose of sparkle to an outfit. I see them in gold on the AT web site, but I also found them in silver in the store. And it looks like if you order now, you can get 40% off by using the code “HOLIDAY” at checkout.  

Superskinny Glitter Belt (J. Crew – $24.50) –  This skinny belt packs a great big punch of sparkle, I love it! A perfect way to dress up jeans or cords.

Foil-printed Infinity Scarf (Newport News – $39) – For a subtle shimmer, this scarf is perfect.

This wraps up my holiday gift series. Thanks to those of you who tuned in each week, I hope it helped with your shopping a little bit. Now we can all kick back and enjoy what’s left of the holiday season. Happy Holidays! 😉

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