TGIF…The J.Crew Factory Store is Open for Business Online

T.G.I.F. Whew…what a week… After two weeks of having my husband off work for the holidays and around to help with my son during the day (and to let me sleep in because my son still doesn’t want to sleep through the night…argh), this first week back to the normal routine wasn’t easy. As of right now, I am officially spent. However, one thing that is helping me perk up just a bit is the fact that J.Crew’s online factory store is officially open for business for the weekend. So if you’ve got some Christmas money burning a hole in your handbag, but you’re just too darn exhausted to make it off the couch this first weekend after the blur of the holidays, then rev up your laptop and take a gander at what’s on sale at the Crew’s virtual factory store. I’ve managed to keep my eyelids open long enough to do just that and a few things that caught my eye are linked below. Happy bargain shopping…and thank goodness it’s Friday….ahhhhh…. 😉

Wool Printed Scarf (in Plum) – $12.99

Loretta Ruffle Shirt (in Black) – $14.99

Printed Silk Streamers Cami (in Plum) – $29.99

Sequin Stripe Tissue Tank (in Soft Graphyte) – $19.50

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