Go Red this Friday!

This Friday, February 4, is National Wear Red Day, an event sponsored by the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” campaign. The initiative is aimed at raising awareness around the issue of heart disease amongst women and encourages people to wear red. It’s an extremely important issue because, according to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death amongst women age 20 and older. To put it in perspective, one in three American women die of heart disease, where one in 30 die of breast cancer. With so many women already affected by this disease or at risk, the Go Red for Women campaign is working to educate people about the severity of the disease, its symptoms, and ways to help prevent it. For more information about all of these things, you can check out the Go Red for Women web site. And if you want to do your part to spread the message and wear red this Friday but don’t have anything that fits the bill currently in your closet, I’ve picked out some great pieces online that you might want to check out below. You can also shop for Go Red items on the campaign’s web site. Here you’ll find jewelry, apparel and other red-themed items you can wear or use to help support this cause.  As for myself, this issue is near and dear to my own heart as both of my grandmothers have suffered from heart disease so I will definitely be wearing my own bit of red this Friday to support the cause. Go Red!

Mossimo Ponte Dolman Sleeve Dress (Chinese Red) – Target $24.99

Turtleneck Sweater (Rich Red) – Lands End/Canvas $24.99

Camp Shirt (Candy Apple) – Victoria’s Secret $34 

Solid Cashmere Muffler (Red) – Nordstrom $38.90

4 thoughts on “Go Red this Friday!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Meg – you just introduced me to Lands’ End/Canvas…..and brokered a sale! I’ve been on the hunt for a chunky turtleneck sweater just like the one you recommend. At that price – I ordered more than one! I will let you know what I think when they arrive. THANK YOU fashion lady!!

    • Yay! Definitely keep me posted as to how you like the sweaters. I haven’t actually purchased anything from Canvas myself yet, but I know others who have and liked the clothes so I’ll be curious to hear what you think. 😉

  2. Anne says:

    Do you know if any of your friends have purchased chinos on the Canvas website? They look cute but the reviews say they fit funny. I really need some work pants!:)

    • I don’t know anyone that has purchased these, but I tried on some of their cropped chinos in a local Sears store that carries the brand. The pants fit me okay but I didn’t buy them because I was looking for more of an ankle-length pant. You should look online to see if a Sears store in your area might carry Canvas there. Not all Sears stores do, but if there’s one in your area that does you could try out the pants firsthand. You can check out this link to find stores: http://canvas.landsend.com/canvas/customer-service/store-locator/. Keep me posted!

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