The Gap's "Give and Get" Program Is Here!

Get 30% off with Gap's Give and Get program, March 17-20.

Hello, All! Just thought I would pass along a heads up that the Gap’s “Give and Get” program is running March 17-20. For those of you not familiar with it, when you participate the promotion allows you to get 30% off your purchase from the Gap, Gap Outlet, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Banana Republic Factory store. When you make a purchase, one of four non-profit organizations (you choose which one) also gets a donation from the Gap in the amount of 5% of your total purchase. It’s a great way to support some worthy causes and you can work on filling out your spring wardrobe at the same time. To participate you need a coupon, but if you’re not on the Gap mailing list and haven’t received  one, no worries, your friends (like me) can share theirs with you. So if you’re looking for a coupon, let me know, I’m happy to pass one along. For those of you taking advantage of this promotion, I’ve also done a little searching and have identified a few fun pieces from the participating stores that I have my eye on. Happy shopping!

Wide Leg Trouser Jeans (Gap – $79.50) – I don’t know if I’ll actually purchase these, but I’d definitely like to at least try them on. I am so happy that a new trend in jeans has finally begun!

Chambray Tie-Neck Blouse (Gap – $59.95) – I’m not sure why, but I really love this top. If you’re into bows and ruffles, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Brigitte Double-Knit Ruffle Dress (Banana Republic – $150) – I saw this dress in the store and I love the color. Online it’s called plum, but to me it seems more like a rich lavendar. Regardless, it’s a dress that I could see getting a lot of mileage out of for a variety of occasions.

Tropical Print Jersey Scarf (Old Navy – $10) – Looking for a little pop of spring to brighten up an outfit? One of these scarves could do the trick. And at 30% off of $10, it’s a steal.

4 thoughts on “The Gap's "Give and Get" Program Is Here!

  1. Anne says:

    Looks like the trouser jeans are a hit because it says they are out of stock. Good thing I have some from the last time they were in style;)

  2. MzKrz says:

    Thanks for the coupon Meg! I had a blast shopping yesterday and came home with 2 pairs of pants & 5 tops. Good thing I just cleared 3 bags of old stuff out of my closet 🙂

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