Color Combo I'm Loving – Lemon and Khaki

Bright lemon and khaki - I'm loving these colors for spring!

Hello, All! Happy Monday! Today is April 11 and I think that spring has finally sprung after one of the longest and most brutal winters I can remember in quite some time. But after many fits and starts I think that spring may finally be here to stay. Currently in my little neck of the woods it’s a lovely 61 degrees and I am loving it. Wahoo! All of this balmy weather has definitely lifted my mood and I’m getting more and more excited about sporting some spring styles. This past weekend I was even inspired to spring clean my closet and move my warm weather clothes up front and center.  One outfit I’m excited to wear this spring is a bright yellow cardigan and a pair of khaki capris (see the photo above). I purchased the cardigan last summer at the Banana Republic Factory store and I normally I pair it with something white – a skirt, jeans, capris, etc. But the other day I when I was searching the Internet for some fashion inspiration I came across this photo on MSN’s Glo web site and it made me re-think things. I’ve been in love with bright citrus-y yellow pieces for about a year now (in fact I spent part of my maternity leave last year surfing the Web with one hand for some items in this shade while cradling my sleeping newborn in my other arm), but I had never thought to pair the color with khaki. It goes so nicely with white, I guess I hadn’t ventured out beyond that. But after seeing this photo on Glo, I’m definitely trying out khaki. Together the colors bring a really fresh but sunshine-y warm feel to an outfit, and after this absolutely frigid winter a little sunshine is a much welcome thing. If you’re loving this idea as well, I’ve done some more searching and have pulled together a list of some fun sunny lemon items that you might want to check out yourself. On that note, have a fantastic week – and hello spring!!

Shawl Collar Pullover in Citronella (Ann Taylor – $68)

Henley Tee in Lemon Pucker (Old Navy – $8.50)

Skinny-Fit Polo in Hampton Yellow (Ralph Lauren – $49.99)

Rosanna Top in Golden Apple (Target – $19.99)

One thought on “Color Combo I'm Loving – Lemon and Khaki

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Good color combo, Meg! I’m loving it, too!!

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