White Jeans/Pants – The Perfect Summer Staple

My search for white ankle-length pants came to an end a couple of weeks ago when I found these at the Banana Republic Factory Store. My summer wardrobe is coming together!

Last week I was watching The Nate Berkus Show (yes, again) and my favorite Cheap Chica blogger, Lilliana Vazquez, was on with some tips to help viewers transition their winter wardrobes for spring and summer. One of her tips to create a bright spring look was to pair white jeans with tops you already have in your closet and have been wearing through the winter. I have to say, I couldn’t agree more. I purchased a pair of white jeans a couple of summers ago and I absolutely love how they freshen up an outfit. Paired with the right top and sandals they can be dressy, or with a t-shirt and flip-flops they create the perfect laid-back summer uniform.  White jeans are just one of those staple items that you really need in your closet because they’re so versatile you’ll get tons of use out of them on a variety of occasions. In fact, recently I was cleaning out my closet and I tried on my white jeans with a couple of tops I was debating about donating. And what do you know, the tops are still in my closet because with my jeans they looked new and fresh. So obviously I love white jeans and I think Vazquez was spot on with her tip, but why stop at jeans? I think this theory extends to white pants as well which is why I have been on the hunt for the last couple of months for a pair of slim-fitting ankle length white pants. This ankle-length style has become a new favorite of mine since I purchased my black Minnie pants from J. Crew last fall and I love them so much that I decided I absolutely need a similar pair in white for the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, J.Crew doesn’t make the Minnie pant in white (at least not yet) so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a similar pair of pants from somewhere else. Until a week ago though, I hadn’t been successful in finding a pair of pants that were the right length, that flattered my shape and that were also opaque enough for my taste. (Note: I cannot stand when white pants appear almost transparent. Unfortunately, clothing manufacturers don’t seem to care as much about this detail as I do which is why finding a great pair of white pants for me is quite the challenge.)  However, a couple of weeks ago I made a trip into the Banana Republic Factory Store and I found a pair of pants that I think may just fit the bill. They are the perfect ankle-length I’ve been searching for and at a sale price of $35.99 this purchase did not break the bank (which is fantastic because I’ve still got a few more summer wardrobe items I’m looking for!). With that said, if you’re now wanting to jazz up your own spring/summer wardrobe with some new white jeans or pants, I’ve done some more searching and have pulled together a list of jeans and pants that could work for you. Of course, you’ll have to try them out for yourself, but hopefully this list gives you a headstart on your search. That’s it from my end for now. Happy shopping!

Jeanology Stretch Boot-Cut Jeans (Newport News – $29)

Cropped Legging Jeans (The Gap – $59.50)

Drew Skinny Cuff Ankle Pant (The Limited – $54.90)

Smooth Stretch Chic Ankle Pant (Chicos – $79)

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