Princess Catherine Style Watch – On Tour in North America

Hello, All! I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July holiday  (and enjoyed some fun and festive fashions to help celebrate). I was on vacation in northern Michigan for the week and  enjoyed every moment. The weather was absolutely perfect with bright sunny days and cool, crisp nights, and I soaked up some much needed R&R with family and good friends.  In addition to the beach and bike rides and late afternoon cocktails in a lawn chair I was also keeping tabs on news of Prince William and Princess Catherine’s first official visit to Canada and the U.S. I’ve had a great time reading about all of the activities and ceremonies they’ve taken part in as they’ve traveled throuhout the trip, but of course the most exciting part of the news for me has been all of the coverage on Catherine’s wardrobe. From the moment she left England and throughout each day of the visit thus far, her wardrobe and style choices have been spot on. I always love her classic and well-tailored looks and the outfits she chose for this trip have not disappointed. One of my favorites includes the white Reiss dress the princess originally wore for her official engagement photos. She paired the dress with a bright red maple leaf fascinator to celebrate Canada Day and the result was fantastic. The dress was stunning on her and the fasinator added a great pop of color and fun for such a festive occasion. It really was a great look. Another favorite of mine was  the ivory sailor-inspired Alexander McQueen dress the duchess wore while in Prince Edward Island. Ever since I read Anne of Green Gables at the age of nine, I have wanted to make a visit to Prince Edward Island where the book series was based. I was such a huge fan that I can’t even tell you how many times I read the books and watched the movies that were made based on the series.  I read that Princess Catherine is an Anne fan herself and that the dress could have been a nod to some of the fashions that appeared in the movies. Whatever the inspiration, I loved it. It showed off her slender figure and was spot-on for the maritime locale. These were just two of the looks that I really loved, but there were many more that definitely caught my eye as well. The royals’ tour will wrap up quickly now and if you haven’t been able to follow the fashion I found a great image gallery on US Magazine’s online site that showcases many of the looks. Take a look and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Princess Catherine Style Watch – On Tour in North America

  1. Anne says:

    I do love that she has been reusing a lot of her pieces. It continues to demonstrate how down to earth she is.

  2. Megan says:

    Oh Meg, I love your post about Kate and Wills; I’m borderline OBSESSED with her!! I found a website today (of course while I was supposed to be working) that I’ve found extremely satisfying. It’s worth a look for a great Kate fix!

    • Just checked out the web site ( and I LOVE it!!! Thanks for the tip! I know exactly where to go now when I need my Kate Middleton/Princess Catherine fashion fix. I too have a bit (okay a large bit) of a crush on Kate, and I definitely can’t get enough of her fashion choices. Thanks again for passing the site address along!

  3. bethany says:

    Another Kate fan here. I actually changed a couple of my wedding details (veil for example) after watching Kate’s wedding. Her style is gorgeous. Makes me feel better to know there’s others who are as taken with her as I am! Thanks for the post, Meg!

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