Sit back with a cold glass of lemonade and check out Lulu’s…

A cool glass of lemonade and a little online shopping may be just what's needed to beat the heat. (Photo courtesy of and Suat Eman.)

Hello, All! I hope you’re all staying cool and staying out of the insane heat half the country is experiencing right now. Here in southeast Michigan it reached 100 degrees yesterday… I’m wilting just thinking about it. For those of you in warmer parts of the country, that might not sound as horrendous as it does to me, but around here under normal summer conditions if it gets to 85 degrees I’m thinking it’s HOT, so 100 degrees is just unbearable. In any case, to help beat the heat I’m thinking a little online window-shopping while hanging out inside in the comfort of air conditioning is in order. To help you out with that I thought I’d put together some information on a web site I’ve only recently discovered called Lulu’s. Although the web site says that Lulu’s has been around since 1996, I’ve just recently started noticing references to this site in my favorite fashion mags. And it seems that usually when I see a reference, it’s showing an item that I really happen to like. Since I keep seeing things from Lulu’s I decided to go over and check out what else they have on the site. And it turns out they’ve got all sorts of cute things – everything from apparel to accessories. And they carry a number of different brands at what seem to be really reasonable prices.  So if you’re hiding out inside right now and looking for something to surf on the ‘net, check out this site. The list below is a little preview inspired by the hot and hazy days of summer. Enjoy, and stay cool!

Crochet Knit Dress ($71) – This little dress caught my eye because it looks so light and comfortable and the perfect thing for summer drinks on a patio somewhere. Depending on how you accessorize it, this dress could be really versatile in terms of style as well – you could take it in a clean and classic sort of direction, or if that’s not you it could easily go bohemian. Based on your mood, the dress could suit you for several different occasions while still keeping you cool and comfortable.

Sparrow House Tank Top ($24) – I’m not usually one for a bird print, but for some reason this tank top caught my eye and I think it really works. I really like the rich green color and I think you could definitely stay cool in this top whether you’re running errands or out for drinks. Like. (And for those Kate Middleton lovers out there, the print reminds me a bit of an Issa dress the princess has been seen wearing a few times recently. Double like.)

Curious Cupcake Mini in Fuschia ($75) – I’ll be honest, I don’t know where I would ever wear this skirt or for what occasion but it’s just so darn cute I had to link to it. Even if doesn’t fit into my wardrobe right now that doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else. I’m thinking that for someone out there, this could be the perfect little party mini. And with the temps sky high right now, a little mini could be just what’s in order to keep you cool.

Before the Mast Striped Romper ($49) – I am loving this romper!! And I haven’t ever even worn a romper (at least not since I was a toddler I don’t think) but this is just too great. I love all things nautical so I’m really loving the navy and white stripe that this comes in. And the v-cut in back along with the 3/4 sleeves and ruching in the shoulders add such great detail. At $49, this is a steal. Someone I know needs to buy this! 😉

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