Sarah’s Finds…A Fun Collection for Home, Wardrobe and More

"Sarah's Finds" from Sarah Richardson (of HGTV) offer great ideas on everything from home decor to fashion.

Hello, All! I wanted to dash off a quick post to pass along a fun link that I just came across while searching out info on one of my favorite HGTV personalities, Sarah Richardson. If you’ve been following my blog you know that I wrote a post about Richardson last fall regarding how I love not only her home design/decorating style, but also her fashion sensibility. She always looks so great with such cute clothes that fit really well and I love how she uses a lot of color in her wardrobe. So the other day I was checking out her web site for info on her latest shows and I saw that she’s got a section on her site called, “Sarah’s Finds.” It’s a collection of regularly updated items that Sarah likes including a variety of home decor, fashion and beauty/bath products. I thought it could be a fun source to check from time to time since I love her fashion and design styles so much. I thought others may want to check this out as well so I wanted to pass along the link. Enjoy!

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