My Holiday Home

I've had so much fun decorating my home for the holidays that I wanted to share the fun in a special post. Happy Holidays!

Hello, All! I hope your holiday shopping is coming along well and that my post from last week has given you some inspiration for finding the perfect gift for the family and friends on your list this year. My shopping actually took a back seat as I scrambled around last week to ready myself for a holiday open house that my husband and I hosted at our house this past Saturday. As I was planning for the party, and in need of some inspiration myself, I began searching some blogs on home decor for fun and inexpensive holiday decorating ideas. And inspiration I found! I know we’re focused on fashion over here, but those home decor bloggers have it down! And what a connected bunch they are too! I had a great time exploring their sites and peeking into their homes and DIY projects. I found some fantastic ideas for my decor and even my menu (check out this fun Santa Hat Brownie Bite recipe – I made a revised version with pre-made brownie bites and store-bought frosting and my guests loved them!) and all of the research definitely put me in a festive mood. So festive that I thought I would share my holiday house with you all. Now, I know this isn’t really fashion-related, but it’s the holidays and I’m figuring if you’re into fashion you probably also have at least a bit of interest (or a lot of interest) in decorating as well. I’m linking this post up to the official Christmas Home Tour that is being hosted over at The Inspired Room, a blog on all things home design and decor.  If you’re interested in checking out more holiday homes, please visit the site and check out the homes of the other participants. I am quite sure that my home will pale in comparison to those of the savvy decor experts’, but I love the holidays and am excited to share some little Christmas-y touches around my house. So come on in, take a look and enjoy the festivities!

Welcome! I agonized a great deal over what sort of wreath to hang on my door this year – usually I buy one made of real greens – but I decided to go with one that I could reuse again in the coming years. In the end, I found this one at Joann Fabrics and Craft Store and I added in a few red embellishment pieces to make it more Christmas-y. After the holidays I’ll pull those out and leave just the silver and gold for the rest of the winter season.

Once I settled on a wreath I could finally turn my attention to the focal point of my holiday decorating – the Christmas tree. Last year I went with a silver and gold theme but this year I really wanted to bring back traditional red and green. So I wound red plaid ribbon (found at Target) around the tree and then used red and green Christmas bulbs throughout. To add in some sparkle I dotted the tree with glittery-gold reindeer ornaments that I found at The Dollar Tree last year (2 for $1). All in all, I think the tree came together really nicely and I’ve been enjoying it since we put it up. (Note: My almost-two-year-old son has been enjoying it too and so far we’ve lost two bulbs and one reindeer leg, but fingers crossed, I’m hoping the novelty has worn off now and we’ll make it through the rest of the season without mishap…)

We don’t have a fireplace so the oversized mirror in our front room is home to our hand-knit stockings. This year I also decided to make it the landing place for all of the holiday cards we receive as well – notice the nice collection I’ve started along the bottom of the mirror.

Finally, although I don’t have plans for dinner guests I pulled out my fine china and reindeer napkin holders to create a fun red, green and ivory tablescape on the dining table.  Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Holidays!

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