Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves on The Nate Berkus Show

Fashion blogger, Liliana Vazquez, visits The Nate Berkus Show to offer up great winter outfit ideas.

I don’t know how I missed this segment on The Nate Berkus Show a week ago, but I thought I would share it in case you all missed it too. My favorite fashion blogger, Liliana Vazquez from Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style, was on the show to share her thoughts on the key items you need in your wardrobe to build some super stylish winter outfits. While watching the segment online earlier today I was pleasantly surprised to see that I actually already own several of the items and it gave me some great ideas for new ways to wear them. Two of the items were actually things I had just recently purchased. The first is a faux fur vest from JC Penney, very similar to the one by BB Dakota that I purchased on sale right after Christmas. I’ve been really happy with it – despite the fact that I look a bit Kardashian-esque when wearing it (ha ha) – but I’ve gotten lots of compliments and I’m loving it. Another one of the items Vazquez suggests is a puffer vest – in the segment it’s a vest from Forever 21. I’ve had my eye on a black puffer vest for a couple of months now and I just found one on sale this past weekend at Sears in their in-store Lands End section for about $25. I’m looking forward to wearing it through the winter with jeans, warm sweaters and some fun scarves. Some of the other staples Vazquez recommends are a white button down shirt, dark skinny jeans, and a great pair of riding boots. She also showcased a great zigzag print dress from that I absolutely love. It’s made with a lightweight fabric and reminds me of something by Missoni – only this dress is surprisingly affordable at just $43. To see all of Vazquez’s picks, click here. And to see her picks in action with 30 days of outfit ideas, click here. You won’t be disappointed! I’m even thinking I might have to break down and purchase some of the items I don’t already have in my closet given their great prices. Enjoy!

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