I'm headed off for a winter vacation later this month - help me pick out a new beach/pool bag! (Photo courtesy of Wiangya and FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Happy Friday, All! I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe it’s February already. With the crazy weather around here lately it’s hard to believe that it’s wintertime at all. But it really is, and this winter I’ve got a family vacation planned which we’ll be leaving for in just three and a half weeks. So even though it really is February I’ve been busy taking stock of my summer wardrobe and trying to figure out what to pack. One thing I’ve realized as I’ve been getting organized is that I really want to find a new beach/pool bag. I need something larger than what I currently have because now that we have a toddler the gear I need to drag along with us on beach and pool outings has multiplied. I would also just simply like a fresh look – the current canvas tote I have is monogrammed with my old maiden name initials and it’s looking a little dingy. It’s just time for something fresh and new. I first thought I would go the traditional Lands End/LL Bean route with a monogrammed canvas tote like I currently have. But then I thought maybe I would be a little adventurous and look into some other options. So I’ve been looking online for other ideas to see if anything else would catch my eye. At this point, I’ve narrowed it down to two choices and I need your help to make my decision. The two bags I’m looking at are featured below with a little info about each (I was having trouble with the photos so you’ll just have to link to the pages). So what do I do?? Stick with a tried-and-true classic or branch out a bit and try something a little different? What’s a girl to do? Help me out, I need some input and quick! I’ll be placing an order asap to make sure my new bag arrives in time for our vacation. Thanks for your thoughts and have a great weekend! 🙂  (Ps – If you have thoughts on other bags I should check out, by all means, pass the ideas along!)

Option #1 – The classic canvas tote from LL Bean. This is the bag I currently have but I would purchase a size larger than what I have now and go with an extra large to allow for more room to carry more “stuff.” I think I would also go with a basic black strap/bottom since the bag I have now has pink straps and if I go this route I’d like something a little more neutral. The bag is priced at $34.95 plus $6 for monogramming which I would have done. The dimensions of the bag are 17″H x 19″W x 10″D.

Option #2 – The Weekender in Sweetpea Stripe by Scout. This striped bag seems plenty big enough to be a great beach bag and the descriptions states that it is 100% cotton twill and wipes clean – a great option when dealing with sand, sunscreen and anything else my little one can come up with. I’ve never owned a Scout bag but I’m willing to branch out and try one. My only question is whether or not I really want to go with a striped (or patterned) bag. I know this may seem a little neurotic, but my fear is that while the bathing suits I own now would coordinate with this bag, in the future I may own other suits that do not – should I even worry about this? Am I over-thinking it? One other little question I have is related to monogramming – I really like having my monogram on my bag (I don’t know why, I just like it) and I could have that done with this Scout bag, but with this stripe pattern, I don’t think I would have it done. I’m just not sure I would like the look that way. Hmm….anyway, the dimensions of the bag are 17″H x 25″W x 13″D and the bag is priced at $35.  One other option I also like is to get the same bag in a denim look as well. Just to make things a little more complicated….

A New Beach Tote…Decisions, Decisions

4 thoughts on “A New Beach Tote…Decisions, Decisions

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh Meg how I love you! Both options are great. The waterpoof, easy wipe off material is nice in the Scout bag. I never looked too closely at this one. Go for green or blue stripe and skip the monogram this time, my vote. If you don’t LOVE it as a beach bag you’ve got another great overnight bag and you can use it for little ones sleepovers etc. Then next year go back to your traditional roots and get the LE bag! 🙂 Have fun! Let us know what you decide.

  2. Megan says:

    I have the ll bean bag & do love it but Meg; the scout bag is super cute! And I think it would look fun with a monogram – maybe something super preppy like hot pink? I’ve never heard of scout bags before & don’t have a spring get away planned but might just have to go ahead & treat myself…. 🙂

  3. Okay Ladies, you’re swaying me towards trying something new and going with the Scout tote. Unless someone else weighs in here, Scout it is! Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keep you posted…

  4. Anne says:

    I say try something new and never worry if a beach bag matches your suit. It’s all about relaxing in the sun and sand.

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