Happy New Year! Let’s Get Organized!

Hello, All! Happy New Year! I hope that 2013 is off to a fantastic start for everyone out there. I can’t believe that another year is over already, but here we are starting the third week of January and speeding right ahead.

If you’re like me, a new year often brings the desire to tackle issues, projects and goals with renewed vigor. Some years the focus is on getting more fit, other years efforts might be targeted towards career growth and exploring new paths. But for me this year my sights are set on getting more organized. Last year was largely about selling our old house – finishing up small repairs and projects to prep it for sale, making sure the house was clean and neat for each showing, evaluating offers, and then navigating our way through the final negotiation and eventual sale. Once that was all done, we then packed all of our belongings and moved to a teeny apartment to wait things out while we searched for a new home. Well, we’re now going on 4 months in that teeny apartment with no new home in sight and my patience is starting to grow thin. We’ve crammed way too much stuff into this tiny little place and I’ve never once felt organized since we moved in. To add to the craziness, we’ve got a deadline as Baby Arens #2 is due at the end of May. Eeek! The thought of bringing a new baby home to this cramped and crowded apartment is not appealing at all. Call it nesting, call it whatever you like, but as the new year has started I have an overwhelming desire to get moved, get settled and GET ORGANIZED. I cannot wait to have more space for our growing family and to be able to spread out a little – to have a space for everything and to put everything in its place. Whew!

So, while we wait for the real estate market to pick up and for more homes to come rolling out, I’m using the time to plan ahead. I’m busy picking out wall colors, planning out what furniture can be used where, and making lists of new items we’ll need. I’ve been doing lots of research online to give me inspiration and along the way I’ve come across a great blog, I Heart Organizing, focused entirely on being organized that I thought I would pass along in case any of you are feeling the itch to get organized as well. The writer behind the blog is a mother to three young boys and it’s insane how crazy organized her home is. I know I’ll never reach that level of organization, but even a quarter of it would be a welcome thing at this point! It’s really been a lot of fun to search around this blog and get some great ideas for our new home. This blogger covers organizing tips for every room in the house and every aspect of life – from managing schedules, to keeping toys and clutter at bay, to keeping an organized clothes closet (something any fashionista can love). And she does it all with super cute style – no plain manila folders or boring-looking storage units here. Everything she does is with style in mind and I can definitely appreciate that. I know that I’ll be much more likely to use something if it’s aesthetically pleasing. I don’t know why it matters what a file folder looks like, but a hot pink patterned file folder is just more fun than a black one.

So if you’re feeling like me in this new year and have the need to get organized, check out I Heart Organizing, you definitely won’t be disappointed. I know as we move forward with a home purchase (hopefully soon!!) I’ll be referring to this site again and again for more ideas. Organized 2013, here I come!

Happy New Year, All!

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