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My Fall Fashion Wish List and a Guest Blog Post

Fall Fashion Wish List


Hello and Happy October! I know we are well into fall now but I thought I would drop in and post about some of the items I’ve had on my fashion wish list for this season. I’ve been wanting to pick up some good basics and I think these pieces could mix and match really well with other items I already have. What about your wish lists? What things have you all had your eye on for fall? Fashion is so fun this time of year with all of the rich colors and textures, I’d love to hear what you all have on your fashion radar screens.

My Fall Wish List

Fisherman’s Sweater – I’m in need of a few new sweaters this year (after the winter we had last year I’m stocking up…) and I’ve been thinking about adding a fisherman’s sweater to my closet. I love the texture that a sweater like this offers and I think you can style it in a variety of ways depending on the look you’re going for. I’ve got my eye on one like this from LL Bean’s Signature Collection.

Flannel Shirt – No, I’m not going for the lumberjack look. 😉 But lately I’ve been thinking that a flannel shirt would be great to have. Again, maybe it’s the crazy cold winter we had last year that’s influencing my fashion choices this fall, but I think I could get a lot of use out of a flannel button-down. I’m always cold and it seems like such a soft and cozy piece to have in my wardrobe rotation. It looks like Target has a few cute options right now.

Black Coated Denim – I wear jeans all the time and I think having a pair like these could be fun to up the interest factor in an outfit. I love the shine and the way the coating almost makes them look a little like leather.  I could see wearing them mostly at night, like if I was meeting friends out for dinner or drinks. Old Navy has these available right now for a great price.

Ankle Boots – I’m in desperate need of a new pair of ankle boots and I think a pair in a taupe-y sort of suede could be a great neutral that would go with a lot. I’ve had my eye on this pair from Lands’ End.

So that’s it, my fall fashion wish list. Pretty simple, but items I think I could get tons of use out of. What about everyone else? What have you all had your eye on this fall?

I’m Guest Blogging!

Aside from fall fashion, I’m also guest posting today on the healthy living blog, BalancingB, for Brynn who just had her first baby a couple of weeks ago. Brynn is a certified health coach and covers all things healthy lifestyle with fantastic tips and inspiration for living a balanced and healthy life.  I’m talking about the jogger pant trend that’s been so popular recently and how I’m wearing it so be sure to go over and check out the post as well as the rest of this great blog.

Happy Fall, Everyone!


What I’m Loving this Week…

Hello out there! Time is flying around here as usual and I can’t believe it’s already August. Boo…. Sometimes I feel like here in Michigan we wait all year for summer and then it just goes by in a flash. We’ve been taking advantage of the season though and have been trying to fit in lots of summer fun.

Anyway, I wanted to come on quickly and share some things I’ve been loving lately in fashion, fitness and drinks. I hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Enjoy!

What I’m Loving…

White Scalloped Lace Shirt from Goodnight Macaroon

White Scalloped Lace Shirt from Goodnight Macaroon

IN FASHION…The Goodnight Macaroon site for women’s apparel. I just discovered this via the 6th Street Design School blog by Kirsten Krason and I. LOVE. IT. Seriously. The clothing on here is amazing. Inspired by celebrity street style (think Olivia Palermo, Mirando Kerr, etc.), everything is super stylish but, get this, still affordable. This site is definitely worth checking out, you will not be disappointed. I’ve done some digging for more info on this site and it looks like it’s gaining quite a following because I’ve found lots of recent posts from various fashion bloggers posting about their favorite finds. Also, if you’re looking for a deal (like I always am) it looks like they do Friday Flash Sales for 48 hours (you need to follow them on Facebook for details) and they also partner with various bloggers to do 20% coupon codes as well. In any case, here are a few of my favorite things from the site right now – but like I said, go check it out. See something you like? Comment below and let me know so we can compare notes. 😉 – Navy Blue Floral Print Kimono Trousers ($55), White Scalloped Lace Drawstring Batwing Sleeve Shirt ($69), Heather Grey Drawstring Sweat Dress ($69.99) (This is perfect for moms!! How cute would this be at preschool drop-off?!), Colorblock Raglan Quilted Neoprene Shoulder Grey Marble Knit Sweater ($59.90 on sale)

Stella & Dot's new engravable collection

Stella & Dot’s new engravable collection

IN FASHION…These picks from Stella & Dot’s latest collection. I’m loving this scarf – it’s one of those items that you can wear now in summer but also later in fall because of the colors it has going on. The hot pink and white is great for summer but it also has accents of olive-y green that would pair really well with an army green jacket or skinny cargos in the fall. This bracelet because, A) It’s super chic and simple, B) The orange leather strap is such a great pop of color and most importantly, C) Net proceeds from this bracelet go to support the Every Mother Counts organization which is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. A very worthwhile cause and something, as a mother myself, I can definitely get behind. These engravable necklaces – Stella & Dot recently introduced these new pieces and because I love a good monogram, I’m loving these. They’ve come up with some very cute fonts and the quality of the engraving is top-notch. I just ordered an engravable ID Tag with my sons’ initials on it so I’ll have to post a photo once it arrives.

IN FITNESS…This workout video from Tone it Up. I first heard about this series on my friend and former colleague’s balanced living blog, Balancing B, and it sounded interesting. I’m always trying to fit in quick workouts since long workout sessions at the gym just aren’t feasible for me right now and this one was pretty good. It’s a high intensity interval training and the workout itself is probably only about 15 minutes long so it works perfectly for my schedule. Then, if I can get a 20-30 minute walk in with the boys in a stroller some other time during the day I feel like I’m good. (It’s a far cry from the way I used to exercise but it’s what works right now and I’ll take it!)

La Croix Lime

La Croix Lime

IN FOOD & DRINK…This sparkling water. It’s 100% natural with nothing artificial added, no sodium, nothing. I know this isn’t new but I’ve just recently started drinking them and they totally curb my craving for a Coke. I know, pop is so unhealthy for you, I know I know… That’s why I try to find alternatives. But there is just something about an ice cold Coke that is such a guilty pleasure for me. I think a big part of the attraction for me is the carbonation actually so I’ve found that drinking sparkling water helps to satisfy my cravings. I’ve tried other sparkling waters but then I decided to try La Croix and I’m really liking the flavors (I think Lime might be my favorite so far) as well as the fact that it’s in a can. I have always loved the sound of a can popping open and I think for some reason that drinks taste better from a can than a bottle. I know. I think I need some analysis…

Okay, that’s it from my end for now. Happy August!!